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Top Emails Real Estate Agents Should Be Sending

Successful real estate agents should focus on building and nurturing relationships with leads and clients. This can be a difficult task as one's scope of opportunity increases. Email marketing and well thought strategies can help you succeed at keeping in front of your audience!

Here are top emails that you should absolutely be sending:

1. Intro Email

It's important to introduce yourself quickly to new leads. You may use both an email auto-responder and an automated text message to let the lead know that you have received their inquiry and will be in contact ASAP. You can also set up a similar follow-up email and don’t forget to set yourself a follow-up task to reach out again soon.

2. Just Listed Email

Showcase your new listings with emails featuring superb imagery, a great description and trackable call-to-action links. With trackable links in your email, you'll be able to see exactly who is engaging with what content, so you can prioritize your follow-up.

3. Open House Announcement

Make sure you include high-quality images, descriptions, directions, and the in your open house email. Take it a step further by including an RSVP button so you can see who plans on attending. Don’t forget to do a follow-up afterwards, for both attendees and those who couldn’t make it.

4. Just Sold

Want your database to gauge who may be 'thinking' of listing their home? Show them how much they could potentially get for it with a "Just Sold" email. Doing this is as easy as an email stating, "This house in your area just sold for $XXX,XXX. What's your home worth? Click here to find out!" and then link to a Market Snapshot report.

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