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Score that Listing Presentation

Having an opportunity to present your marketing plan to prospective sellers is half the battle when it comes to winning a listing. It’s important to sell your skills as a real estate pro and also to listen to the sellers’ needs and create a campaign that suits their needs.

Creating the ultimate listing package requires tenacity, creativity and insight. Sellers want to know your presentation is based on a keen sense of the market, your expertise in determining value, and your ability to bring a deal to close in the shortest time possible and at the highest price. The key to acing your next listing is to prepare. More thoroughly, more accurately and more creatively than your competition. Here are some tips to guide you:

Tour the property first.

Before scheduling a listing presentation, ask the seller to show you around the home so you can get an idea of its strengths and weaknesses. Then you can make your presentation more relevant to the sellers. Explain to sellers what you will do for their home and your thought process behind the proposal.

Practice what to say.

New agents should use scripts to help guide the flow and learn how to speak authoritatively and concisely. Going into a listing presentation unprepared could leave you rambling. Practice will help you sound more natural and over time, you can adapt scripts to your own style and language.

Ask for the business.

Don’t leave a listing presentation without a firm plan for following up with the sellers. At the end, ask if they are ready to list with you, and then iron out next steps. Asking for the business creates urgency to the seller’s decision to work with you and gets the whole process moving more quickly.

Be creative about how to deliver your listing package. Also, never underestimate the power of consistent communication and its impact on persuasion. Sellers are known to respond positively to agents who tactfully keep in touch.

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