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What Agents Should do After Closing

Nurturing our past clients and making sure we are here for them is a top priority. Treating clients well, even after the closing, can lead to more business and possibly a friend for life. Most sellers who used a real estate agent found those agents through a referral by friends or family and some used the agent they previously worked with to buy or sell a home.

Here are ways you can go above and beyond for your clients after a closing:

  • Automatically do follow-ups. Make it a standard practice and add these follow-up dates into their CRM or calendar. Agents should call their clients to see how they are enjoying their new home and ask if they need anything.

  • Make a note of special dates. Agents should make sure every past client is on their personal holiday card list. Consider mailing birthday cards or closing day anniversary cards. The number one rule is to stay in touch with clients in their preferred ways.

  • Show up when they are moving in. Bringing over a bottle of wine, a pizza, or an item that signifies the area will go a long way with clients. During the visit, you can ask if the clients need any local recommendations or contractor referrals.

  • Invite former clients to your event. Your brokerage, team, or individual agents could sponsor at a local community fair, or give out candies at the local 4th of July parade. Whatever the event may be, send clients a personal invite.

  • Have an Updated a list of contractors and vendors. Compiling a list of service providers can be useful. Or, create a client survey and ask former customers to rate their deck builder, home inspector or any other service-oriented business which they have used in the past year. Instead of being their resource, use them as your resource. This way, the information is current and relevant.

Be creative in how you deliver value to customers, no matter what stage they’re in. Let your clients know that you are there to care for them and will help them in any way you can.

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