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YouTube Tips for Realtors

YouTube is one of the most explored sites for videos on a variety of topics and interests. Real estate is also one of this. If you are not using YouTube for marketing your real estate listings, your business is missing a lot. Posting videos on YouTube will help you improve your search ranking on Google and will provide you with an opportunity to reach your potential market and build your brand.

Post Videos Regularly

It’s always beneficial to upload real estate related videos on a regular basis. Active channels are preferred by Google. You can associate with other agents working in the office to create a YouTube channel with the regular posting of videos related to your work.

Add a Featured video about Yourself

Add a featured video on your channel page with more information about yourself, your experience, and the services you provide. This type of video will help potential clients get to know you, so they can get a feel for your personality and how you work.

Diversify your content

Don’t just upload virtual tour videos to your YouTube channel. Branch out and create other types of content as well. General videos about the real estate industry will help you position yourself as an expert, and help potential buyers and sellers find you. Behind-the-scenes and “About Me” videos will allow potential clients to get to know you and see why you’d be so great to work with.

Description optimization

The description field is invaluable when it comes to helping your content get discovered. Let potential viewers know what your content is about, add links back to your website or related content, and include relevant keywords related to your video.

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