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Secrets Top Producers Know About Real Estate Marketing

Most of the time, it’s not the real estate marketing idea that failed. It was the implementation and expectation of how that idea would impact your business that was off.

Let’s discuss some myths surrounding real estate marketing.

Below are real estate marketing tips that will help you discover the secrets top producers know and you don't.

1) You Don’t Get Leads When You Get Your License

One of the biggest real estate marketing failures is thinking it’ll be easy to get buyers once they have their license. Your new business has no historical lines of communication or new leads running into it. It’s your job to build as many channels as quickly as possible to your new company. Your license and current connections alone will not make you successful. You have to build ways to keep your current connections close so that they do business with you and build ways to make new connections.

2) “Come List Me” Calls Are Rare

Do you have someone that promised you they’d have you list their house? The deal isn’t done until the paperwork is signed. There are multiple agents who will attempt both online and offline too. You need to provide real value if you want them to do business with you. That means becoming an expert agent and providing free value. One of the best ways to provide value is through blogging.

3) Blog Posts, Postcards and Flyers are Effective Over Time

Another big misconception when it comes to real estate marketing is time. Through marketing, we are trying to change people’s behavior in order that they do business with you. And it takes a lot of time. Blogging is a really profitable real estate marketing source. But it takes months to see that ROI. And you have to stay dedicated to the process throughout the entire time. The same goes for cold calling. There’s no “cheat” for time when it comes to most marketing activities.

4) People don’t remember the first time

“Post and pray”. This is what agents who aren’t good at marketing do. They get a listing and then post it. That’s not good marketing. People will not convert if you only do the activity once. Or twice… Or three times… It doesn’t matter if you’re a commercial broker with the biggest brand or a brand new agent. You need to repeat your marketing for people to pay attention.

5) You’re starting a real estate business

When it comes to real estate, a lot of agents think of themselves as an agent. That’s really not true. You’re a business owner. And a business owner’s mind-set is keenly different than an individual agent’s mind-set.

Here are some key notes:

  • You should document everything you do and make a system out of it.

  • You need to build roles into your business so that eventually you’ll have free time.

  • You need to focus on growth and limit the time you spend on repeated tasks.

6) Small Wins Add Up To Big Wins

A lot of agents dream about the end goal and shoot to achieve it in one shot. The fact is, you aren’t the only agent to try real estate. And if it was this easy to make millions someone else would also be doing it. It’s much more profitable to focus on the little wins and let them add up each and every day. These little wins will win you deals that might not be sexy but certainly profitable.

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