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Showing Property: Tips For Realtors

A realtor may represent a seller or a buyer. That means that you may be required to show them homes that you have specifically selected that meet their criteria. You will need to show your clients homes and you must be prepared. There are important things you need to consider for a safer and easier process:

1. Know the Routes

Drive the routes to all of the listings the day before you show the property to your clients. Make sure you know the route to the property. It proves that you know the area well.

2. Research the Properties

Make certain you have all the properties in order before you take your clients out to see homes. Research the properties the day before taking your clients out for previewing to ensure that you have the most recent listings available. If you research these properties too far in advance, these homes may have already been sold.

3. Be ready with the Buyer Information Packet

The buyer packet is listed information of all the properties that you’re going to be previewing that day. It should be printed for when you meet with your client. Be sure to print out one for you and one for the buyer so they can take notes on the previewed homes directly on these papers.

4. Be prepared with your Real Estate Equipment

Be sure that all your materials are working properly. The buyer is typically very excited and anxious to preview the interior of the house. It is very unprofessional when you cannot open your lockbox to retrieve the house key to access the property for an excited buyer. A lockbox is a tiny container that holds house key and only agents who are members of the local real estate board will have the access to enter the home by using this. It has a passcode on it specifically for each agent. Be as prepared as you can be for an effective experience.

5. Put on that Consulting Hat

No need to be a salesman once you’re in the house. Let the house sell itself! Give your clients advice and opinions on the home. Buying a home can be a very emotional experience and many buyers may have trouble determining if a particular home will suit their family. Be attentive to their comments and assist them with their decision.

6. Leave Everything As It Was

Before leaving, make sure the property is left exactly how you found it when you arrived.

7. Review the Day’s Activities and Follow Up

After showing all the properties, schedule a time with your clients to discuss the properties they’ve seen. Review the notes that the buyer took and get an understanding of what they liked and didn’t like. Advise them, and don’t forget to follow up after. If they’re interested, you can move forward with putting an offer together for the buyers. In the real estate world, time is of the essence and business should be handled efficiently and effectively. Purchasing a home is a huge decision and it may be necessary to take your clients out to preview homes more than one time. Be patient, be diligent, and remind your clients that with a lack of inventory in today’s real estate market, the buyer may need to avoid any delays if a suitable home is available to purchase.

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