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Advertising Ideas for the Holidays

Holiday time can be filled with stress as you wrap up the year and plan for the next. Yet, it still provides a perfect opportunity to reach out to leads, reconnect with clients, and touch base with your network of friends, families and colleagues. There are plenty of options for advertising your real estate business during the holiday season.

Start with a holiday card

Handwritten cards on your personal stationaries - You can send your greetings and express your gratitude for their business, referrals and reviews at the same time. Use personalized notes to reach out to leads in appreciation for considering you in their search for a real estate agent while also wishing them a happy new year. A simple and thoughtful card is always welcome and can show leads that you apply the personal touch to all aspects of your business.

The Classic Flyers, Brochures and Direct Mail

A holiday theme can be elegantly incorporated with your corporate branding and beautifully presented on a variety of printed materials. A flyer or direct mail is a great place to feature a coupon that offers your leads a seasonal service package of your expertise combined with deals from your local partners. Positioned as your annual end-of-the-year special, these cross-promotional packaged offers stay time-based and exclusive to your real estate customers.

Special Edition Newsletter

Your holiday newsletter can be light-hearted, non-hard-sell content. Offer tips and tricks for prepping the home for guests or for staying safe and warm in colder temperatures. You can also include articles related to the holidays, photos of local homes and venues that are festively dressed up for the season, and your ideas on what the upcoming year might bring to the real estate industry.

Engage Online

Sponsoring an online raffle or sweepstakes on your website or social media channels is a good way to multitask. Use your real estate blog or scheduled tweets or Facebook posts, to share holiday-themed articles as well. Craft projects that are fun and celebratory and recipes that make entertaining easier.

Give something away

The list of ideas for give-aways is limited only by your imagination. If you’re looking for unique or extra special gifts, you can’t go wrong with chocolates, wines and liqueurs with customized labels, or local show tickets handed over in a stylishly branded envelope or gift box.

Advertising during the holidays is still about marketing your business: telling clients you’re available, and reminding leads that the exceptional customer service and real estate expertise you provide is why they should choose you. Any season is a good reason to contact past clients and reach out to leads.

Happy holidays!

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