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Marketing Tips for the Slow Months

During winter months, there’s an anticipated slowdown in residential real estate transactions as both buyers and sellers prepare for the holiday season. Once the New Year is in full swing, sellers will be looking to put their homes on the market, so be prepared! As a realtor, it may not look good on the books, but it’s an important time to get ready for a busy spring. You might think it’s the best time to save on money and to take a breather, but we recommend you use the wintertime to generate new leads and nurture the ones you worked so hard to build throughout the year.

Nurture Your Current Leads

Many real estate agents assume that their leads are probably busy with family, trips or otherwise need a break themselves. Don’t be fooled. This is actually the perfect time to engage leads in the most personal ways. And you’ll likely be the only agent actively out and about in front of them. Continue what you’ve been doing the whole year but with a holiday twist. Create e-newsletters that you send out to your email list with useful holiday- and house-focused information. Below are some ideas for newsletters:

  • End-of-Year Neighborhood Market Reports –Throw in a couple examples of how you helped clients.

  • Just Sold – A featured home reminds your list that things haven’t slowed down in your Make it fun and say something to the effect that the home sellers have something special to celebrate this holiday season.

  • C Holiday Events Calendar – Show community involvement and spirit by creating a nice and simple list of your city and neighborhood’s holiday activities.

Keep on Marketing

The key is to be first and in front as much as you can, and that includes downtimes. By the time everyone else is getting back, you’ll have had months of generating and cultivating leads over the competition. Send out a simple holiday card with your team’s photo dressed in holiday garb. You can generate more leads for less when the competition is not as high.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Everyone responds best to gestures of goodwill during the holidays. It’s a great time to focus on being an active part of the community. Holding events that bring people together and that serve a greater purpose can do wonders for your brand and just feels good to do. Some ideas:

  • Open House Holiday - Prepare a spread that includes delicious holiday treats. Decorate to showcase the potential of the home.

  • Food, Clothing or Gift Drive - Find a charity you support who needs food and clothing. Make sure they publicize that you are hosting the drive on all of their marketing channels as well.

Make sure that you are first and in front as much as possible. It will take some discipline and work to finish out the year, but when spring comes, you’ll be glad you did.

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