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Items to Include in Your Listing Presentation

You can handle so many more sellers at one time than buyers. And, if you want to sell more, it’s probably a good idea for you to hone your listing skills. It’s not just about scripting or making calls, it is about having a good professional package to present when you go out to meet those prospective sellers. It’s a good idea to have a Power Point presentation ready that shows the benefits of using your real estate services. You can present this on your computer or on an iPad. We also recommend putting together a standard listing or pre-listing package. This is a very professional presentation folder with many items placed inside. Then, at the time of your listing appointment, you can interleaf the customized items that you need for the specific listing appointment.

Below are items you can include in your Listing Presentation

  1. Personal Brochure. Your brochure should outline your background and that of your company. It should include information about your production, your significant accomplishments, your core values, and your unique service proposition

  2. Your marketing plan. Sellers want to know what you will be doing to sell their home. Prepare a document that outlines the marketing plan that you use for each and every listing.

  3. General information for home sellers. There are many title companies out there that have pdfs that you can download (and even customize) with tips on how sellers can prepare their homes for sale. Check with your local settlement companies and see what you can obtain in this arena and also ask them for brochures on the settlement process for inclusion in your package.

  4. A comparative market analysis. You can prepare a customized CMA for a property in minutes using some of these easy, efficient, and professional websites.

There are many more items that could be included in the pre-listing package, but this list is a great start.

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