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Transaction Coordinator Program Benefits

[if !supportLists][endif]FOCUS!

Devoting someone exclusively to the transaction process frees the Agent of responsibilities, allowing them to create relationships and drive new business. This division of labor allows for greater productivity by all parties concerned.

[if !supportLists][endif]CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!

Consumers expect to be kept in the loop and to receive immediate answers regarding their concerns. Realtors are busy people and don’t always have the answer on hand when they’re available to talk. Consumers will find that in working with a Transaction Coordinator it allows them quicker and more comprehensive answers to their questions. These benefits add up to improved customer satisfaction, referrals and repeat business.

[if !supportLists][endif]QUALITY CONTROL!

Obtain better quality control into transaction activity. Agents often experience unintentional mistakes into the monitoring and regulation of processing transactions. By adopting and implementing a Transaction Coordinator program, Agents may centralize and standardize the company’s processes.


Agents can concentrate on finding new clients and selling property instead of being trapped in the web of communication with all of the pieces of the transaction. Lots of time is spent on the phone, fax, and in e-mail ordering products and services and checking on their status. In having a transaction coordinator, much of this time could more profitably spent finding new clients, selling property, and other tasks that increase productivity, resulting in greater revenues.

All parties involved in the transaction benefit from the services of a Transaction Coordinator. Information can be mishandled, misunderstood or misdirected if a TC doesn’t remain in control of critical communications.

Ready to become more organized with your transactions? Contact us today so we can assist you with your real estate needs!

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