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The 911 Call

When responding to leads and generating new business, tomorrow is simply way too late. Sure, it's not a life or death situation, but this is your business. Response time is critical.

When you respond with urgency, you project two highly positive signals to your prospective buyers or sellers:

1. You care

2. They're important

Beyond these two fundamental reasons to respond immediately, you will also:

  • Have the "Wow" factor

When you call a lead back within a few minutes of them reaching out to you, you'll receive a positive response in return - creating a "Wow" factor.

  • Be where they are

Within 30 minutes, your potential buyer or seller has probably left your website and visited other websites. Reaching out to them in the first few minutes gives you a better chance of coming up alongside them and meeting them right where they are - your website.

  • Stay top of mind

If they have visited other websites in the past 30 minutes, they've probably forgotten which ones they viewed hours ago. But if you strike while the iron is hot, the reception you get in return will be more like, "Yes, I'm still on your site”.

Immediate responses sometimes aren't feasible. Appointments, closings, showing houses, etc., will always be happening. There are better times to call than others:

  • 4-6 p.m. - best time to call to contact a lead

  • 8-9 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. - best times to call to qualify a lead, or set an appointment with a lead

Scheduling these calls every day on your calendar will make your response time much faster than most of your competitors.

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