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Practices of Effective Brokers

Gaining market share or extending share leadership depends on a broker's ability to build brand exposure and loyalty, as well as attract and retain the top performing agents. Let’s take a look at these best practices which brokers can leverage to enable their brand to stand out from the rest, and to entice and enthral new and existing agents to be more productive and thereby drive increasing commissions for themselves and your brokerage.

1. Audience Engagement

Most buyers and sellers begin researching for homes on the Internet, building impressions of brokers and agents weeks before they are ready to act. Your branding and listings should be right where consumers are doing their research for it builds awareness, credibility and recognition. With this, brokers can engage with the immense online audience 24/7.

2. Lead Generation

Two important aspects of lead generation are quantity and quality. Consistently providing both of these is imperative to attracting new agents.

3. Optimize Response

By providing a system that brings all generated leads into one place so they may be accounted for, managed and optimized for fast response, brokers are able to gain visibility and control over the yield of their lead investments. The key to lead capture and conversion is response time and the best agent to respond is the one who is available.

4. Cultivate and Nurture

We are making it easier for agents to share detailed and personalized market knowledge right from the initial call. Moving the consumer from curious to taking the first steps with your agents is aided by new tools that work in the office and also out in the field through mobile devices, and that provide listing alerts, market trends and recently-sold information specific to a client's interests. This gives clients exactly what they want at the right time.

5. Communicate and Close

What consumers value most from agent communications are personal and proactive outreach, timely market information, and communications via the client's preferred. Top brokers arm their agents with systems that keep track of all these communications in one place and enable one-click follow-up via mobile messaging, phone or email.

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