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A Smooth Agents' Mobility

Most real estate interactions are now taking place away from an office, and brokers and office managers need to support their agents’ mobility. Brokers have to figure out how much technology to provide to their agents, especially because some agents are tech-savvy and some are not. It’s not enough to just have sessions in your office, brokers should record the classes and seminars that take place and email them to their agents.

Fast Communication

A real estate company should focus on making communication between agents and brokers easy and effective outside the office. Online forms, electronic signature service, webinars and video training pieces allow an agent to stay effective, accessible and informed without the need to be in the office. These tools should support our clients the best are the ones that allow our clients and agents to interact efficiently.

Paperless Transactions

There are many tools that enable agents and consumers using any mobile device to have a virtual hub at their fingertips where they can have easy access to their secure documents, communicate with their agent on social media platforms, be notified of key developments in their transaction and more.

Make sure your agents are not stuck in your office getting or accessing things or documents. Almost every technology is available in mobile format. If you have a fax machine that is printing incoming faxes and [you are] copying every file and putting it in a file cabinet, you need to get e and today and start going paperless.

Streamline the Office

While agents spend most of their time away from the office, there are times when it makes sense for a customer and agent to meet there. Carefully designed your office to make it easy for agents and their customers to work efficiently there so they can get mobile again as soon as possible. This includes multiple computers, spaces to gather with mobile devices, as well as multiple large-screen displays for looking at properties, Wi-Fi and mobile printing.

Lead Distribution

Brokers sometimes find it challenging to reach mobile agents to fairly distribute leads, but brokers can use technology to handle this task no matter where their agents are.

Technology can be used to enhance agent mobility and make it easier for agents and clients to transact business from virtually anywhere in the world at any time. Mobility allows agents to focus more on supporting their clients and prospecting in the field rather than spending time on paperwork.

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