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Facebook Tips for Realtors

Real estate agents use Facebook every day to connect with prospective home buyers and to encourage business relationships with peers. Maintaining these relationships require a bit of handiwork.

Here’s how to use Facebook to build relationships, find new followers, and market your business more effectively.

After setting up your page, follow these tips to keep it fresh:

The 80/20 Rule.

80 percent of your content should be customer-focused, and 20 percent on you and your business. Using this formula will encourage more engagement and interaction.

Frequently Update Your Cover Photo.

Use the cover photo to highlight the homes you have for sale. Change images often and use this space to your advantage.

Respond to Comments.

Reply to comments posted on your page, good or bad, and do so promptly. This signals current and potential clients that you are paying attention.

Use Photos and Videos.

Use images or videos in your posts whenever possible. Posts with photos tend to get 120 percent more engagement than those without them. Posts with photo albums receive more engagement. There has also been an increase in interaction with videos.

Focus on Local Interests.

People want to know what is happening within their local community, a fact that is especially true for those moving to a new area with which they may be unfamiliar.

Post about local charity events, school-related activities, or a popular local business. Post about anything you feel the community would be interested in.

Offer Helpful Advice.

Tips about how people could stage their homes for sale or decorate her new home are good ways to gain likes and comments.

Post Images of Your Team and Clients.

Posting photos of you and your team participating in community functions or at office parties helps to put a personal face on your business. Potential buyers want to know that they are dealing with real people.

Also, posting photos of happy customers standing next to their newly purchased home can benefit you. It shows that you are successful in helping people buy a home. It also proves that others trust and use your company.

Post Photos of Fancy, Unique, and Eye-catching Homes.

These can also arouse interest and foster likes and comments.

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