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Components of Performance Time

If you want to improve your results, you must consider the fact that you have limited supply of time. Everything you want to accomplish in life requires an investment of your time. Even in this age of innovation and technology, time, more than anything, is the limiting factor. Everything requires time. Even more annoying is the fact that the supply of time is completely inelastic.

To become great, you must choose to allocate your time to your greatest opportunities. You will have to choose to spend time on the difficult things that create your biggest payoffs. Be clear on what matters most, and have the courage to say no to things that distract you. To be your best, you must align your time and activities with your strengths and your unique capabilities. When you do, you will also experience a new and ever-increasing level of performance and satisfaction.

Time Blocking

The key to successful time use is not to eliminate unplanned interruptions, but instead to block out regular time each week dedicated to the strategically important tasks. We call this Performance Time and find that it is the best approach to effectively allocate time.

Performance Time is an easy-to-use system that allows you to operate like the boss of your business and life by spending your time with intention. It utilizes a simple time-blocking system to regain control of your day and maximize your effectiveness.

Below are three primary components of Performance Time:

1. Strategic block

A Strategic Block is a 3-hour block of uninterrupted time that is scheduled in advance. During these blocks you accept no phone calls, no faxes, no e-mails, no visitors - no interruptions. You focus all your energy on the strategic and money-making activities. Doing so concentrates your intellect and creativity and produces breakthrough results. You will be astounded by the quantity and quality of the work you produce.

2. Buffer block

Buffer Blocks are created to deal with all of the unplanned and low-value activities that arise throughout the day. We all had days when unplanned items dominated our time.

The power of buffer blocks come from grouping together activities that tend to be unproductive so that you can increase your efficiency in dealing with them and take greater control over the rest of your day. This way you can handle each item expeditiously and move through the list with some momentum.

3. Break-out block

Benjamin Franklin said, "If we take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves."

Often, entrepreneurs and professionals get caught up in working longer and harder, which is an energy and enthusiasm killer. For greater results, what's necessary is not more hours. On the contrary, often it is more free time.

A Break-out Block is a minimum 3 hour block of scheduled time devoid of any work related activities. It is time set aside to rejuvenate and replenish. Use this time for fun. Spend time with family and friends. Play your favorite sport. Go shopping. Get some exercise. You need this time to rebuild your reserves and to open yourself up to fresh ideas and perspectives.

Everything that we achieve in life happens in the context of time. The reality is that if you are not purposeful about how you spend your time, then you leave your results to chance. Our results are created by our actions. The actions that we choose to take throughout our day, ultimately determine our destiny.

The key to successful time use is not necessarily in eliminating unplanned interruptions but in regularly blocking out time for the important activities. Gaining control over a few hours each week often has an impacting effect. Learn to use your time with greater intention and you will not only be more effective, but also feel a greater sense of control, less stress, and increased confidence.

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