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Jump-Start Your 2017

You got last minute showings, closings, and paper shuffling buttoned up all while getting holiday shopping and family cat herding done. But those couple days can be productive as well, with only a couple hours within each of those days being put to good use!

December 26: Organize your Class A, B and C clients.

Add to them your successfully-closed clients and those who were advocates for your business in the past year

December 27: Analyze your marketing.

What worked this last year? What didn’t? What was the best bang for the buck that reached the most people in my sphere with the least amount of time, money, and energy? Cancel everything that didn’t work. Categorize your clients into the relevant lists in your marketing systems; at the very least into email lists.

December 28: Costco run.

Pick up a couple cases of cheap champagne and bubbling cider. Full-size or cutesy individual size, whatever your budget allows. It doesn’t even need to be bubbly, pick up something that says “you” or that exemplifies your top clients. Post-holiday sales are awesome for this.

December 29and 30: Say “Thank You” in person.

Remember those “Class A”? Drop off a bottle of a champagne or cider with as many of them as possible. By doing this stuff AFTER the main holiday season you don’t get lost in the ruckus and add to the stress.

December 31: Say “Thank You” digitally.

Write a blog post that chronicles a successful year for you and your clients – it doesn’t need to be cheesy, it could be a compilation of a bunch of pictures your clients took and tagged you on Facebook in, for example. Put it on your website. Email it out to your clients. Thank them. Both in person and online, ask your new clients what they’d have like for you to do differently.

January 1: Prep the calendar.

Take your previous year’s calendar and transpose all the mile-markers, events you went to, education you took, the closings you had, anything that was monumental in your business, into the next year’s calendar. Now you know what you need to plan for based on the previous year’s events.

You can learn a lot based on the previous year. Take some time to think about where you been, so you know where you’re going. Make 2017 a great one!

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