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4 Tips on How Top Agents Maintain a Positive Outlook

Is your market your home field? Do you know where to take a listing, where to not take listings, where to market for buyers, and where to not market for buyers? Do you spend a couple of hours each month studying the marketplace so you can see the trends or patterns?

In the end, the market is what it is. We don’t control it. We only control how we respond to it, and if we’re good, how our clients and customers respond to it. It’s hard to influence prospects, buyers, and sellers when they think that they know more than you. Establish your authority of market knowledge early in the relationship with the prospect.

We have a few tips to help you maintain a positive attitude:

  1. Reduce your consumption of news on television and in print. Watch enough to keep current, and no more.

  2. Read something that is motivational and uplifting. There are hundreds of great books and other resources that will lift you up, and they don’t have to be related to real estate.

  3. Study the marketplace. Take the time to track the key numbers in the marketplace. You must know some of the key stats and be able to use them in your discussions with prospects, clients, and other practitioners.

  4. Decide each morning to have a great attitude!

Attitude should be a conscious decision, not an unthinking reaction.

The market will always move, adjust, ebb, and flow. The change and adjustment will always create opportunities. The question is: Will you be ready when it arrives for you?

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