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Amazing Apps for Realtors

Are you looking to boost your production?

We know for a fact that Real Estate Agents are busy people.

Here’s how these 8 iPhone, iPad and Android-friendly apps can help you be more efficient, productive and organized.


Dropbox lets you digitize all that work and share it seamlessly. You can now store and edit all your documents on any computer, tablet, or phone. This app even let’s you share documents with clients in order to process paperwork faster. You can store all of your standard documents in a folder and instantly share all of them with a new client where they can fill them out and upload the completed paperwork to their personalized completed folder.


Evernote lets you store information forever. It also lets you make categories and notebooks. You can then store your valuable information easily and never lose it. Their app is infinitely searchable. You can use it to store individual house information. You can give your admin access to certain folders.


Magisto makes video easy. You point, shoot, and combine great video and photos. This is a really easy way to make neighborhood videos quickly. Best of all? There are numerous themes and ways to combine your photos and images. This makes all your video look professional and branded at the touch of a button. You can instantly export video to Youtube and then quickly move it to your website.


Buffer can be used fo all of our social media posting. It’s auto-scheduling feature and tracking mechanics are awesome! We can look back and see what posts were popular.


Keynote is Apple’s presentation software. The built in themes are fantastic. You can even draw on the screen with your iPhone. This is a great way to impress and put your best foot forward.


LinkedIn’s mobile app is amazing! It pulls contact information from LinkedIn profiles and stores it on your phone. No more digging around for misplaced numbers. LinkedIn automatically syncs emails and numbers for you!


When did your client open up your last email? This app tells you right in Gmail. Streak’s CRM is incredibly simple and lives in your email. They don’t overwhelm you at all with their app. Check it out today!


Finally, this app is absolutely a MUST. You can write a custom message and this company will mail a card for you. The card will appear 100% hand written and can be sent on varying types of paper. They have done an amazing job integrating their service with an iOS app. This is a great way to thank your clients and stay in touch!

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