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2021 Resolution: Steps to Resolve Legal Issues

Many legal troubles start with phrases like “I didn’t realize that …” or “I didn’t read that part of the document.” To lower risk and avoid trouble, ask questions, read contracts, do research, take notes, record with cellphone photos and take an extra day to think about things. As another year starts, it’s once again time to discuss some lessons we’ve learned in dealing with real estate law issues.

Here are some best practices you can use when dealing with any legal matter.

· Do not sign anything you have not read and understood.

· Do not be afraid to ask questions, and do not feel you must accept the answers at face value.

· If you have any doubt as to what you are told, do more research.

· There are very few things that cannot wait one day while you think about it.

· Whenever a situation seems like it might become a problem, take lots of notes and cell phone photos.

· If you come to a meaningful agreement on a telephone call, send an email to the person you spoke with to confirm the details.

· While confrontation can be uncomfortable, the best and least expensive way of resolving a dispute is speaking calmly to the responsible party about the issue.

· If you are buying a property with someone you are not married to, it is good to get a joint property ownership agreement prepared.

· If you rent a home, you should read the landlord-tenant statute; it is relatively easy to read and acts as an instruction manual.

· When buying a property in a condominium or homeowners association, you need to understand the rules and live by them. If this idea does not work for you, find a different property.

· Don’t underestimate the importance of insurance and the importance of shopping around for the best price.

January 4, 2021. Florida Realtors. 2021 Resolution: Cut Risk – 15 Steps to Resolve Legal Issues.

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