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Ways to Avoid Remorse When Buying a House Virtually

Consumers are showing more willingness to purchase a home without stepping foot inside since the spread of COVID-19. Buyers are using listing data, virtual tours, detail photos, and live video walkthroughs with real estate agents as a substitute for visiting the property in person. But after buying sight unseen, remorse could set in if buyers don’t do their full due diligence.

Below are tips on how real estate professionals can help their buyers move forward confidently with a sight-unseen offer:

Be realistic about a timeline.

It’s important to set a realistic timeline with a buffer in case there are any hiccups along the way. Encourage buyers to prepare all their documents in advance to help in navigating the loan approval process. The loan approval process could take longer nowadays, as could getting any repairs done to the home prior to closing.

Get a sense of the senses.

When you’re house-hunting in person, you’re able to use all of your senses. But when you’re buying a house without seeing it, you’re limited to only what is shown digitally. Real estate pros should be prepared to answer questions regarding the smell of the house (inside and out), noises from the house (including outside), whether appliances or any home features look outdated and the strength of internet and cell phone service.

Show off the neighborhood.

Encourage buyers to check out the surroundings. Agents can take buyers on a video tour around the neighborhood or encourage buyers to use Google Maps to virtually walk through the neighborhood and see what surrounding homes look like.

Get inspections.

Provide contact information for a few reputable, qualified home inspectors in the area. It’s even more important to have this extra set of eyes from a professional when you aren’t able to see the home in person.

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