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Refresh Your Client Service Skills!

Clients will likely want to work with the same agent again after having an excellent experience, and they may even refer others to work with their agent.

Realtors can review on the following tips to guarantee service excellence when working with clients:

1. Communicate often.

There’s nothing worse than not keeping clients informed properly about your situation. Consumers’ time and money are both crucial commodities that agents need to handle with respect and professionalism. Always communicate the appropriate information with clients in a timely manner, and be available for their response.

2. Say “no” at the right time.

There are times when it’s acceptable to turn down a client’s request or business, especially when it’s the right move for both parties involved. Although real estate is customer service-forward, the customer is not always right. You are the expert in the service you’re providing, and as a real estate professional, you don’t have to compromise your value or integrity for a client.

3. Listen and ask for feedback.

A direct method for gauging how you’re doing with clients is to ask. Whether it’s a follow-up letter, phone call, or survey, showing that you appreciate customer feedback to better your business can have a big advantage.

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