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Host Seminars and Get More Leads

Hosting a seminar or webinar on a real estate topic can help generate more leads. This puts agents in the position of showing off their knowledge and expertise to a crowd of aspiring home buyers or sellers. Topics can range from detailed explanations of how to buy your first home, qualify for a mortgage, or purchase a vacation or investment property. While it may be easier or cheaper to host virtually, one of the key benefits of a seminar over a webinar is the value of making face-to-face, personal connections. It also tends to be easier to gauge your audience’s engagement.

Below are tips on hosting a real estate seminar or webinar:

Team Up

Ask a mortgage lender, builder, mover, or home security company to partner with you for the seminar. You can not only split expenses but also supply more knowledge to attendees.

Not a Sales Pitch

Don’t turn off your attendees by making it all about how great your business is. You and your partners should make usefulness the first priority. If you do that, the leads will follow.

Plan the Seminar Carefully

Remember to keep your seminar moving and helpful to those who attend. You may present a sample timeline of topics on planning a first-time buyer seminar. Here’s an example of how a first-time buyer seminar might go:

1. Welcome/Introduction

2. Is Buying a Home Right for You? (include renting vs. buying, the cost, calculating how much they can afford)

3. Are You Ready to Buy a Home? (include types of mortgage, qualifying for a mortgage, what not to do before you close on your house)

4. The Home buying Process

5. What to Look for in a Home

6. Homeowners Insurance

Look for ways to engage your audience. Ask questions or take polls throughout your session and make time to talk with each guest either before or after the presentation to gauge what type of information they’re looking for. Consider having branded parting gifts to distribute after your session.

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