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Low to No Cost Ways To Generate Prospects

Speak now or forever lose an opportunity. Host free seminars at your office, or offer to do them for local community and business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce or your community college. Choose topics addressing consumers’ biggest concerns today, such as how to avoid foreclosure, how to avoid paying private mortgage insurance, or buying opportunities in a slower market. Promote it on the Web. You also can use this event as a reason to call people in your database.

Do business by Doing Good. Experts recommend devoting time to a worthy event because it works. Meeting with people who share a positive experience helps solidify your position in your community. Volunteer for something you’re passionate about so that you’re at your best.

Blog about it. Many realtors have built names for themselves by creating a blog. Several real estate sites allow realtors to create a blog at no cost. If you use a paid service, shop around. Fees for both purchasing a domain name and hosting the site can vary dramatically. The key is to post at least several times each week on hot topics so that readers have a reason to keep checking in.

Sit Pretty. Though many sales associates groan about open houses, there aren’t many other no-cost opportunities that put you in front of a steady stream of potential buyers. Either hold your own open houses or offer to fill in for another associate who needs help.

Let Consumers do your Prospecting for you.

Ask for a testimonial from recent clients, and then add it to your next farming postcard or e-newsletter. Testimonials add credibility and reinforce that you’re the sales associate who helps clients walk away happy.

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